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Gridania Surveyors --> Ashes of the Pheonix [sic]

H'rahdi Tia / Jan 11, 2014
We've now managed to get a new FC up and running, by the name of "Ashes of the Pheonix" <PhxD>

Yes, we know it's meant to be spelled 'Phoenix', and we're trying to get that fixed up (since we really don't want to have to wait 24 hours and pay 15,000 gil again.) But if we have to, we've still got the Linkshell up so we can bring all you wonderful folks back again (again).

We're still on the lookout for the members we've not caught up with, and are still keeping track so we don't lose anyone that still wants to stay with us. This news post will still be updated with linkpearl holders who can invite you if you're looking for us.


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