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Chris Magnus

Rank: No Rank
Online: 5 years ago
Joined: Jan 10, 2014
Nick Name: Ace
Gender: Male
Country: United States
State/Province: SC

Role Play:
I'm an explorer hailing from Ul'Dah originally though I came to Gridania in the wake of the calamity to start anew.
I help those in need when ever they may need it and am always willing to lend a hand to both new players and old and I'm never opposed to a good battle.
Though I support Colosseum style PvP I openly oppose PKing having been a PKKer myself once.

Not much to say. I'm not particularly hansom, a little smarter than average (not always a good thing though. lol. ), Slightly over weight but still fairly fit for my size. (I'm about 6' 2" and 275 lbs so I'm quite the giant in my home town)

I like Hunting, Camping, Fishing, and studying history and ancient lore..... Wait aren't I doing this online as well?

I have some basic understanding of programming and seek to become a history professor when I can get back in collage.
Forum Signature:
Chris Magnus of the Vengeful Lance, Calamity Survivor, Serpent Lt. 2nd Class, Warrior of Light, Scion of the 7th Dawn, Azure Dragoon of Ishgaurd, Former Warden of the Gridania Surveyors, Member of the Gridania Salvager Recovery Effort.